Teen Drug Overdose Statistics

According to teen drug overdose statistics, the number of teen drug users that are doing drugs and fall victim to accidental overdosing when doing drugs. The teen drug overdose statistics show that males are more likely to overdose than females and the 15-24 age group is at the highest risk for overdosing among teens and young adults.

While teens still do not make up the majority of individuals that accidentally overdose each year from doing illegal and prescription drugs, teen drug use is still on the rise. When it comes to drug overdose incidents that results in death, prescription drugs like opioids are one of the leading causes of drug overdoses currently on the streets. While teens are not among the biggest drug users or age group for accidental overdosing, about 150,000 accidental drug overdoses occur each year among teens ages 13 to 24, according to recent teen drug overdose statistics.

Teen Drug Overdose Statistics:

According to the most recent drug overdose statistics, those who are middle age and male are the most likely to die as a result of an accidental drug overdose. However, it is important for teens and their parents to realize that many of the individuals that die in their mid-40's to 50's as a result of a drug overdose are also more likely to have begun doing drugs when they were in their teens. By the time they reach their mid-adult years their bodies are so run ragged from years of drug use that their organs begin shutting down and finally they die because of that one hit of heroin, meth or other street or prescription drugs. As it stands right now, drug overdose statistics show that more people are likely to overdose from painkillers or painkiller cocktails. These are dangerous combinations of drugs that can cause immediately lethal effects. Most drug users are simply at a party, given the pill cocktail and hope for the best in getting high on a combination of drugs. Unfortunately in many of these situations that drugs are lethal when combined with one another and the user overdoses. 

There are also lots of painkillers that are now on the market and provide the users with addictive side effects if used improperly. Unfortunately teens will get their hands on drugs like the new Zohydro, which is a type of hydrocodone that is highly addictive. Teens will illegally purchase these drugs and will abuse them to the point where they are addicted and need to take more and more pills to get the same level of high as their body builds a tolerance to the medication. This new painkiller Zohydro is actually 10 times stronger than Vicodin and abuse experts worry that those already abusing painkillers are going to begin switching over to the more powerful drugs like Zohydro that are entering the market. As painkillers are becoming the number one cause of overdose statistics, it is important for teens to realize the problems that can occur when doing drugs that are too powerful and can easily cause a drug overdose. Parents also need to be on the look out for symptoms and signs that their teens might be using drugs and/or addicted to them. Acting with aggression, sleeping more than usual, not eating or eating lots, weight loss or weight gain, struggling in school, hanging with a new group of friends, going out late and not fulfilling their responsibilities are some indicators that your teen might be dabbling with drugs. 

It is important to talk to your teens about the risks that a person takes even by doing drugs one time. For many teens, they try drugs one time and don't realize that they are doing too much at one time and they immediately suffer a heart attack or other symptoms of a drug overdose that can cause immediate death. Teen drug overdose statistics show that hundreds of thousands of teens die each year as a result of accidental drug overdose. Being aware of these risks is important for both the teen and their parents is important to help in reducing these teen drug overdose statistics. 

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