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The purpose of this site is to help teens, parents, families, and friends who may have a loved one who is struggling with drug and alcohol issues.  Our website is designed to help educate on the statistics of teen drug addiction and what warning signs are associated with teenage alcoholism and drug use; such as cocaine, heroin, tobacco, and marijuana.  Our goal is to help teen alcoholics, teens who are addicted to drugs, and adolescents who may be experimenting with drugs find therapy or treatment to overcome these addictions and behaviors.

Is Drug Addiction Hereditary?
Is drug addiction hereditary? There is quite a bit of evidence to support the idea that drug addiction can be a hereditary and genetically inherited addiction. Those with other family members that struggle with drug addiction are going to be more susceptible to being addicted to drugs if they ever begin abusing drugs.
Overview of Teenage Drug Addiction
In this Overview of Teenage Drug Addiction we learn about what the stages of drug addiction and drug abuse are. This article also talks about which drugs are commonly abused by teenagers and what effect each drug has on the teen.
Teen Tobacco Use
This article on Teen Tobacco Use talks about teen smoking statistics, effects of teen tobacco use, smoking vs. smokeless tobacco, and the warning signs of teen tobacco use. Tobacco is a drug, read more to learn why it is considered a drug and what tobacco effects.
Residential Drug Treatment for Teens
Residential drug treatment for teens differ somewhat from adult residential treatment facilities. This article offers examples of residential treatment centers for teens using drugs. These facilities often offer teens clinical treatment, academics, therapeutic options, and more.